10 new bets you will always win

Place a note on the table and balance a bottle on top of it. Challenge your friends to remove the note but without touching the bottle or knocking it over. To win the bet, knock on the table and whip the note away when the bottle jumps into the air.

This bet involves a balloon, a glass and some matches. Challenge your friends to lift the glass just using the balloon. To win the bet, carefully light a match, place it into the glass and put the balloon on top of the glass. The match with burn up the oxygen, sucking the balloon inside, and allowing you to pick up the glass.

This bet involves 2 straws. Fold one in half and cut the other into two. Now create a pyramid by balancing the folded straw against one of the halves, and challenge your friends to pick up the pyramid using the other half-straw. They will fail every time. To win the bet, place the straw here, push forward against the folded straw, wait until the half straw falls forward and then pick everything up. Put a cherry tomato into a small glass and ask your friends to remove the tomato but without touching or moving the glass.

Simply blow down into the cherry and it will jump out of the glass. Arrange nine matches like this to create 3 equilateral triangles, and challenge your friends to move 3 matches and create 4 equilateral triangles. To win the bet, move this match, then this one and finally this one. Now you have created one, two, three and four triangles. Remove the drawer from a matchbox, and casino online play here.

Place the cover here, and the drawer in front of it, and challenge your friends to move the drawer through the cover, but without touching it or leaving this side of the table. When they give in, place your hand in front of the drawer, blow against your hand, and the drawer will move under the cover. Time for a short break, and a picture of the quirkology goat. Place a coin on a table heads up and cover it with a hat. Now tell your friends that you can make the coin turn over but without touching the hat, and then tap the table. Announce that the coin has flipped.

When your friends pick up the hat to see if you are right, simply turn over the coin! This bet involves a bottle and a balloon. Place the balloon inside the bottle. Fold the end of the balloon around the lip of the bottle, and challenge your friends to blow up the balloon inside the bottle. They won’t be able to do it.

Place a small coin on a table and put some larger coins on top of it. Challenge your friends to remove the small coin but without touching, or disturbing, the larger coins. To win the bet, quickly slide another small coin under the stack and the first small coin will shoot out the other side. Finally, your friends might try and catch you out with this bet involving a cake and a small cup of icing sugar. They will challenge you to blow the candles out with your eyes closed and then secretly place the cup in front of your face, so you end up covered in icing sugar.

So be warned, and don’t take the bet!